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Dark Wolf

Dark Wolf - Christine Feehan Dark Wolf continues after Dark Lycan, with the lifemate of Dimitri Tirunul hunting to find him before it’s too late. Skyler Daratraznoff is only nineteen and considered way young to her ancient Carpathian family, but she’s determined to find the man who is her whole world.

The world of the Carpathians and Lycans is a rich world that has built and expanded over the years and many books in this series, I definitely recommend reading this one after Dark Lycan but I do think it could be read without reading anything but Dark Lycan which is impressive on Ms. Feehan’s part since this is book twenty five in the series. I easily related to Skyler and her determination to save Dimitri at all costs and her struggle to be everything that Dimitri needed her to be. Even if what she thinks Dimitri needs is really all in her head because he loves her exactly as she is.

Dimitri and Skyler are destined lifemates and are beyond perfect for each other. They complement and only enhance the other, they build each other up and together are unstoppable. Dimitri is a very Alpha male who is extremely protective of Skyler but manages to control his urges in order to let Skyler shine and find her own way in the world. Skyler is a very mature and I enjoyed that even though she’s only nineteen age wise she was definitely wise beyond her years. I never found her whiney, instead I found her very likeable.

I highly recommend this story, it’s one of my favorites in the whole series and was a refreshing throw back to the Carpathians that I fell in love with so long ago. Dimitri and Skyler are the perfect read for fans of paranormal romance.

Reviewed by Sheri for Cocktails and Books