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Say You Will

Say You Will - Kate Perry 3.5 Stars

This was a cute story. A family comes together to mourn the loss of their patriarch only to discover his missing will may or may not cut their mother from her portion of the estate. What ensues is some light-hearted fun between the sisters, a romance between co-workers and one between a sister and a step-brother.

Rosalind Summerhill is forced to come home to London after her father passes away. It's a home she's stayed as far away from as possible. But discovers that things are much different than they were the last time she was home, including her mother and sisters. When her mother begs her to help find her father's missing will she finds herself enlisting the help of the very attractive Nick Long, whom she met at her father's funeral. What she doesn't know is that Nick is the step-brother to the one person who could ruin Rosalind's family.

The characters in this story were very quirky, but lovable and fun. My only complaint about the story was not getting enough 'face time' with all of them. In a very light-hearted way, the author navigates us through the Summerhill family coming to grips with who their father was and the sisters (all of them) embracing each other while letting go of the past. Having a hot Formula One driver along for the ride was so bad either. It was a quick read that left me laughing and smiling, wishing I could have had a little bit more fun with them.