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Sweet Nothing

Sweet Nothing - Mia Henry I really liked this one. A girl, running from a decision she made that broke her family, tries to rebuild her life as a teacher at an exclusive private school outside Miami. It's one of those books that's full angst and drama with characters that are beautifully flawed (and a few that are a bit over the top).

Elle Sloane is trying to rebuild her life after turning her father in and destroying her family. Forced to give up everything she knew and entrance into a prominent business school for her MBA, Elle takes a position as an Economics teacher at a high school. As Elle navigates her new world she drowns in the guilt she feels over breaking up her family and leaving her younger sister at home to deal with their somewhat abusive mother. At the same time, she meets her faculty mentor, Luke Poulus, who makes Elle feel safe, but she fights with herself about whether she should reveal her secrets.

Everything about the story is angsty. Elle beats herself up, daily, about what she did to her family. She misses her sister and struggles with what she feels about her father. You feel for Elle and want nothing more than for her to find a way to deal with all of this. She has a couple bright spots in her attempt to start over. Roommates and fellow teachers, Waverly and Gwen. They help Elle let loose and have some fun, but also are there to defend her when they think she's been wronged.

Then there is Luke. He may be her faculty mentor, but he is instantly intrigued with Elle and doesn't make it a secret that he's attracted to her. But he doesn't overwhelm her. They discuss things and he proves to Elle, that no matter what he always has her best interest in mind.

There is more to come from this series and I look forward to the continuation of Luke and Elle's story.