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Before We Fall

Before We Fall - Courtney Cole This one was intense. The emotions dripped off the pages and at times I felt as suffocated by them just like the characters. Courtney Cole wrote a story that pulled many emotions from me when I read it, but when I got to the very last page made me so very happy that I did.

Jacey and Dominic don't have pretty backgrounds. Both of them have suffered some pretty horrific events that have molded them into the people they are today. But Jacey manages to handle her situation a little bit better. She's had counseling and she understands what her emotional triggers are and what she tends to do to deal with them. Dominic hasn't dealt with his at all. He copes by drinking and engaging in various sex acts. But when they meet each other, there was an instant attraction and dislike. The attraction part was easy, but I think the dislike came from the fact that each of them recognized a bit of themselves in the other. A part of the person they used to be and they desperately wanted it back, but figured it was gone forever.

These characters will frustrate you. The cat and mouse, push/pull vibe they have going on was at times a bit much and you just wanted them to figure everything out. But they both needed to learn to trust, learn to communicate, learn to forgive and then figure out how to move forward. They were incredibly hot, at times sweet and other times not to each other along the way, but they got there and regain that sense of themselves that wasn't there before.

This was my first Courtney Cole book and I will definitely look forward to more.

Review from Candace, Cocktails and Books Reviewer

Wow, talk about some serious back story drama and a guy who fits the definition of arrogant and broken and you have Courtney Cole's Before We Fall. This book is full of serious angst! The characters are dark and complex with a ton of hidden secrets and kinky behaviors. Dominic Kincaide is a damaged man with a past that controls his current actions. He is wealthy and famous but no one.truly knows him. Jacey Vincent is a sassy fireball who can't stop hooking up with the "wrong" guy.

Both characters have deep rooted trust issues. Jacey is trying to be independent after her last boyfriend caused her serious damage. Dominic is not a good choice for Jacey, but something about him makes her want to really know him and even save him. Dom doesn't let anyone in because he has been burned so badly that not even his family knows the why. The more time Dom spends with Jacey, the more he wants to share with her.

I liked the connection between the two. It seemed very real and it didn't seem forced. I enjoyed the reveal of Dom's backstory which was heartbreaking. My only complaint is I would have liked a bit more detail on Jacey's backstory. I felt as if it was skimmed over and rushed. I didn't read the other two books so maybe it is spelled out more in the others. As much as I love Dom and Jacey, I was hoping for more of Brand. He could use his own book! This was my first Courtney Cole book and I will be adding her to my must read list!