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Wanted - J. Kenner WANTED is a story about Angie, a twenty-three year old woman who has her whole world change when her Uncle Jahn dies. She is closer to him than anyone else, even her parents. Angie comes from a wealthy family and she has many secrets. Her father is a United States senator and her mother serves on the board of international nonprofit organizations. Angie has a job and a boyfriend but, is bored with her life and feels like she is just coasting along. After her uncle’s death she starts to question what is important to her.

Evan Black was like a son to Jahn. He is sexy and confident, comes from money and also made a fortune on his own. From the moment Angie met Evan, at the age of sixteen, she has been in love with him. Evan is a few years older than Angie and has never given her any indication he shares her interest. She met him the summer her sister died. Angie was always the wild child and her sister was calm and perfect. Angie broke all the rules and her sister never did. Since her sister’s death, Angie has tried to take her sister’s place by being the perfect child and she has slowly lost sight of who she is. Her Uncle Jahn warned Evan and Angie against getting involved together. He felt they had too many secrets to make a relationship work. After her Uncle dies, Angie notices a change in the way Evan treats her and she sees desire in his eyes. Angie is happy Evan finally notices her, but it throws her off balance. She wants to follow her uncle’s wishes and not get involved, but also wants to give into the desire she has for Evan.

J. Kenner writes a compelling erotic story about two people with many secrets. Few people know who Angie and Evan truly are, but they somehow understand each other without explanation. Once Jahn dies, everything changes between Evan and Angie. I enjoyed this story especially the first half of the book. I could sympathize with both Evan and Angie. Things haven’t been easy for either one of them. Whenever Evan and Angie are together, the air sizzles with tension.

Reviewed by Karen for Cocktails and Books