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Her Reaper's Arms

Her Reaper's Arms - Charlotte Boyett-Compo 4.5 Cocktails

This book is number five in the Western Wind series. However, this book would be fine as a standalone book. I actually read this book after book six and I had no trouble understanding anything. The books are not primarily sequenced chronologically, and the author tells the story of each reaper up to a certain point in time.

This installment of the Reaper series is about reaper Bevyn Coure. Bevyn is a handsome guy that becomes a reaper in one of the most gruesome ways I've read. He's sensitive, strong, loyal, and tormented by his past. Bevyn stumbles into town and finds himself drawn to Lea Walsh. I really didn't like Lea. She was just didn't seem to fit Bevyn's personality. She despised the very thing that made him the man she came to love. She was illogical, high strung, and whenever Bevyn wasn't jumping through her hoops she nagged constantly. I loved the other background characters surrounding Bevyn and Lea's story.

The storyline of the reapers and their dramatic storylines filled with elements of comedy, adventure, and suspense continue to draw me in and make me crave my next dose. This story as were the others moved quickly and Boyett-Compo is an expert at melding the past with the future seamlessly. I didn't get lost along the way, and the author easily drew parallels between Bevyn's past experiences and his present life experiences. I was totally vested in the characters, and I was so afraid that Bevyn was going to be killed. I only wish that Lea would have been written out of the storyline. The steam level was off the charts. Bevyn certainly was a reaper that knew his way around a woman's body.

Charlotte Boyett-Compo has done it again. This book is a great ride.

Reviewed by Michelle for Cocktails and Books