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Soar - Alyssa Rose Ivy 3.5 Cocktails

I was anxious to read this one, since I enjoyed Levi and Allie's story in the Crescent City Chronicles and wanted to see what happened with Toby (Allie's ex-boyfriend).

While this is in the same world as the Crescent City Chronicles, and a character or two may cross over, SOAR focuses on setting up the storyline of what's happening in the New York portion of the society. There is unrest between the other members of the society against the Pterons and it's up to Toby, along with the King's security man, Jared, to find out what's happening. What they didn't know is the woman that has sparked both of their attention is at the center of the unrest.

I really liked Toby and Jared in the previous series. Both of them were characters who knew just how to rub others the wrong way, so I wasn't surprised when they managed to get on each others nerves. Despite bugging each other, they do know when to put all that aside and work together.

Casey took a little to warm up to, but as the story went on I liked her more and more. I liked her with both Jared and Toby, which left me torn, especially after Toby's assistant provided a little "assistance". I know there is so much more to Casey's story and I look forward to how this is going to play out.

The story moved a little slow for me, as the author set up this world, but towards the end it flew by and ended well before I was ready for it too. I anxiously await the next in the series.