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The Best Laid Plans

The Best Laid Plans - Tamara Mataya 3.5 Stars

Ah, to get revenge on the person who made your life hell in high school. That was the premise behind this story and it was one that I surprisingly enjoyed.

Both Malcolm and Jayne were the subject of bullying in high school. That bullying shaped who they became as adults. Malcolm developed a completely different persona and Jayne closed herself off emotional to protect herself from getting hurt. But when they accidentally run into each other, they both devise plans for the other that don't really go the way they planned.

I liked Jayne, even though she was a little too closed off for me. I understood why she was, but it was a little hard to connect with her at times. But Malcolm made up for what I didn't get from Jayne. Despite his ill attempt at revenge, Malcolm just wanted Jayne's love. He went about things the wrong way and felt guilty for it later, but he fessed up to what he did. I love when a man can admit that he was wrong, even when he's wrong in a big way.

Jayne and Malcolm have chemistry. It was that scorching chemistry, both in and out of bed, that made me want the truth to come out and see the two of them get their HEA.