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Ink My Heart

Ink My Heart - Jean Haus As the lead singer for the popular band Luminescent Juliet Justin Noel’s life revolves around school, the band, the ladies, and partying. When he pretends to be Allie Landon’s boyfriend in order to help her fend off her overbearing ex, he starts to care about her in a way that his previously shallow life never allowed him to do so. When he realizes that Allie’s life is not all that it seems and her list of responsibilities is much longer than any twenty-two should have he has to fight twice as hard to try to win her over.

Allie does a good job of maintaining her responsibilities, and anyone would be leery of relationships if they had been through what she had been through. Mrs. Haus does a good job of portraying her vulnerability and struggles while also displaying an underlying strength that allows her to deal with all that is going on with his life. The one thing that I did not like is her views on Justin’s life and his attitude. They are of a similar age and she is unable to look beyond the college boy and lead singer to see the fact that he works hard and has his own familial issues that he has to deal with. Despite this, Ink My Heart provides an interesting read about how a tattooed rock singer attempts to make it work with the tattoo artist he lusts for.

Reviewed by Lucy for Cocktails and Books