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Hushed - Kelley York 4.5 Stars

Shhh! or someone may hear you as you enjoy reading this intense mystery, suspense laden love story. Imagine someone's love and commitment so strong they would do anything and I do mean anything to show their love. Is there a love so deep for another and the sacrifices so vast that a lover will endure heart ache to protect a loved one? In the spine-tingling, suspenseful, heart pounding, roller coaster ride Hushed penned by author Kelley York is exactly what you will experience. The narrative Hushed is a book of many conflicts and tangled series of events it grasps you so tightly that breathing through the numerous unsuspecting events can be somewhat challenging.

Set on the compass of Haven University, The Grove a college hang-out and the apartments of Archer and Evan. Kelley York demonstrates her powerful talent for creating a narrative of high intensity, a troubling tale of young college students and how life presents them with harsh complexities for the hunger for attention and pain. This rapid paced read features the characters' emotional state of being while roaring, rapidly through the weight of sadness, disappointments and darkness and the positive glimmering light of love.

I enjoyed the flow of Ms. York's words that so aptly depicts the elements of her story's characters, settings, rising and falling actions as they unfold. Ms. York's messages of about self-preservation, confusion and shame are portrayed in such a realistic, dramatic manner. I understood and related to the book's premise and how Archer's devotion fueled his actions in the name of friendship, companionship, love and protection. Hushed in my opinion is the perfect suspenseful love story for young adults and anyone who enjoys romantic suspense with nail biting vibrations.

Vivian, is a beautiful woman who has experience troubling events in her life. She is Archer's best friend.

Archer, handsome, intelligent, gentle soul and like a brother, a knight in shining armor for Vivian since elementary school. As you read this highly emotional, psychological thriller you get to peek deeply into the hearts and psyche of Archer, Vivian and Evan.

The characters are so realistic and with lifestyles a reader can relate to. The surprises are breath-taking.

The secondary characters: Marissa, Mrs. Pond, Archer's mom, Roxy, Brody, Mick, Richter, Evan's, family the Bishop's support this mind-bending story and gives the story the foundation necessary to maintain the electrifying events that takes place.

The demonstrations of love are tender yet tough. There is a healing element that bounces off the painful darkness of the characters' lives. I was enthralled with the rapid-fire events in Hushed.

Hushed is an extraordinary read with powerful messages for all readers since it allows for the use of a vivid imagination to take hold and carrying the story into higher levels of excitement. It left a mark on my mind and will probably do the same to other readers. Hushed is a book that speaks so loudly that it can not be silenced. I am curious to see if Ms. York will compose a sequential to this engrossing novel.

Reviewed by Rhonda for Cocktails and Books