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Sharing Their Racy Fantasies

Sharing Their Racy Fantasies - Tara  Rose 4.5 Stars

I. Loved. This. Book!

Tara Rose's "Racy Nights" series is excellent, and "Sharing Their Racy Fantasies" is one of the best stories of the bunch. Gina, Harrison, and Zach are so great together! Their chemistry is off the charts! Not only are the menage scenes scorching, but the one on one scenes are amazing too. I got caught up in the book right away. It's got intrigue and action. That is such a plus. I've read so many menage stories that are just one sex scene after another. That's great and all, but it gets to be a bit overhwhelming after awhile. Here, we get a LOT of sex, but what's between the scenes tie everything together very nicely.

As with all of Tara's books, BDSM plays an important role. I have to say that "Sharing Their Racy Fantasies" has some of the very best BDSM scenes that I've ever read. If you've never read a book with BDSM, you're left feeling satisfied, and also that you've learned a LOT. All of the toys are explained, and all of the play is safe, sane, and consensual. That is so important!

This book is very well written, and the story is clever and entertaining. As I said, all three of the main characters are awesome people that you'd like to know in real life. You'll want to have a beer with them at Luke's bar or invite them to dinner. You'd definitely call them your friends.

I highly recommend "Sharing Their Racy Fantasies". It was really terrific!

Reviewed by Kenna for Cocktails and Books