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Surrender to Me

Surrender to Me - Monica  James I love this series. I feel in love with Jasper White. There was just something about this quiet, broody lead singer that captured me from the very moment we met in in I SURRENDER. In SURRENDER TO ME, we have a different Jasper. Once who is struggling with this feelings for Ava and what they lost, versus being willing to put all that aside to be her friend.

This entry into the series begins six months after the end of I SURRENDER. Ava has been back in Singapore going to school and we meet up with her as she's flying back to LA for V and Lucas' wedding. We discover that things are very different for Ava than they were when we last left her and she's in no better place than she was before.

Ava and Jasper continue through their relationship with a ton of misunderstandings. Things left unsaid or misunderstood have led to quite a bit of heartbreak between the two. Of course, Ava's ex, Harper, does his fair share of causing trouble, but the individuals responsible for the state their relationship is in is Ava and Jasper. I love Jasper, so I might be willing to overlook some of his issues, but Ava drove me nuts at times. I always felt like she didn't fight hard enough for Jasper. Sure she cried over him and made some half hearted attempts, but it seems she was always hurting him more than making him happy.

Then there was Indie and Harper. Jasper and Ava both have hung onto these ex's instead of cutting them loose. Because of that, they have had a whole separate round of issues. I know it leads to more drama having these two meddlesome individuals around, but they both made me want to shake and scream at Jasper and Ava at times.

Both Jasper and Ava seemed to grow more in this installment. They may drive you crazy, but you can see they are both honestly trying. When I would get frustrated I would remember she's only twenty three and I was no better than she at that age.

If you like a new adult read with an incredibly hot male lead that's full of angst and emotional turmoil, this is definitely a series to pick up.