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Play - Holly S. Roberts PLAY is an exciting story about a shy woman who dates a hot NFL player. Rebecca Cavanaugh meets Killian MacGregor, the starting quarterback for the Scorpions football team at a party. Killian and Rebecca start to date, although the football season consumes most of Killian’s time.

Rebecca is surprised when Killian pays attention to her and can’t understand what he sees in her. She continually has doubts about herself and their relationship. Rebecca is uncomfortable with her body because she is so tall and thin and she has never been the type of girl guys pursue. I admired Rebecca because she is smart, hard working and attends college on a track scholarship.

Killian is cocky and used to having women throw themselves at him. He also has a temper and secrets he doesn’t share with Rebecca. Killian is attracted to Rebecca’s shyness and vulnerability and what I liked most about him was his caring and sensitive side. He continually compliments Rebecca and tries to build up her confidence. He is an alpha male control freak and Rebecca rarely questions his demanding ways.

Holly Roberts writes an engaging story and there is sizzling chemistry between Killian and Rebecca. In the beginning of this story I wasn’t sure if I liked Killian and Rebecca, but they both evolve as the story progresses. Can falling in love change a person?

Reviewed by Karen for Cocktails and Books