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The Seduction of Emily

The Seduction of Emily - Rachel Brimble The Seduction of Emily, was not your run of the mill regency novel. The Hero for was not very heroic in the beginning mostly going for the heroine as a means for revenge. In the beginning of the book I was a little nervous Emily's fiancée seemed to be a very shady character. Then you meet Will and at first he doesn't seem all that great either. But as the story progresses Will 's inattentions and love for Emily grows and becomes more then him seeking revenge against her fiancee. After the story picked up The Seduction Of Emily was a great book. I really enjoyed the grow that all the main characters went threw. I really enjoyed the struggle Emily went threw letting some one help her and her father. I would definitely recommend this to any one who enjoys regency novels.

Reviewed by SammySosa