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A Wolf's Bane

A Wolf's Bane - Sherrie Henry I read the synopsis and I had to read this book! It has the Romeo and Juliet/forbidden love troupe that I absolutely love! The story had me in tears from the very beginning! Romy and Kai are in love, real hardcore love. When Kai finds out his father has promised him to mate a wolf from another clan, Kai and Romy are devastated. Kai will not mate with someone he doesn’t love and tells Romy he is going to his father and tell him about her and that he is leaving the clan to be with her. However, in order to leave he has to go through a ritual where he is beaten until the skin peels from his body.

Romy is horrified and would rather give him up than allow any harm come to Kai. She tells Kai to go through with it. She is much older than him and may not even be able to give him an heir which she knows he really wants. Kai reluctantly agrees to a mating with the wolf, but his heart is not in it. He wants Romy as his mate. As the mating ceremony begins, Romy bursts through the crowd with news for Kai that she has to tell him before he mates with another. Will her news bring them together or separate them for good?

I cried through half this book it was so beautiful. The love was so strong between these two characters it was almost tangible. I’ve never read Sherrie Henry but I will definitely be checking out her other books! This is a MUST read for anyone who enjoys a powerful love story with a paranormal kick.

Reviewed by Elizabeth for Cocktails and Books