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Obeying Her Racy Firemen

Obeying Her Racy Firemen - Tara  Rose 4.5 Cocktails

Right off the bat, I should tell you that I love Tara Rose, and I love her books. I've never been unsatisfied after finishing one of her stories. So, you've probably guessed that I was thrilled with "Obeying Her Racy Firemen".

One of the best things about the "Racy Nights" series is that they're extremely HOT (flaming HOT), but they're not just one sex scene after another. There are actually plots, and they're very good ones at that. Of course the love story is the main focus, but Ms. Rose gives us an ongoing mystery that is so interesting it catches you and makes you want more. For instance, "Obeying Her Racy Firemen" tells us of a small town in disarray after a terrible storm. In the midst of trying to rebuild and negotiate local politics, Fire Inspector, Storm, and Fire Chief, Cameron, find Olivia, and the three begin a relationship that's both romantic and complicated. That's as much of a spoiler that you'll get from me,bu I will tell you that you'll root for them, cheer for them, and lose your heart to them.

"Obeying Her Racy Firemen" can be read as a stand alone novel, but because it's part of a (really great) series, I'd recommend you start at the beginning and follow the, sometimes stubborn, but always unique and loving, residents of Racy, Indiana. They're smart. They're sexy, and they're well worth the time you'll dedicate to them.

I will tell anyone who will listen that they need to read this book. Trust me.

Reviewed by Kenna for Cocktails and Books