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Ignite - Tessa Teevan “I fucking hate you sometimes” I don’t think I will be forgetting that sentence for quite some time. Often times we say things in the heat of the moment that we really don’t mean, but sometimes you can never take them back.

I’m a lover of military romance and sports romance and lucky for me this book has both. This book is about best friends, first loves, heartbreak, loss, and second chances.

Jace and Alexa were best friends in high school, while they loved each other neither of them are willing to admit to those feelings until Jace’s graduation night. Jace tells Alexa how he feels, but he also drops a bomb….that he was joining the Army and would be leaving the next day. Jace tells Alexa that he will return for her and she agrees to wait for him, but sometimes things just don’t work out like we hope they will.

“I’ll remember this night for the rest of my life. I’ll always have a special part of you in my heart. I want…no, I need it to be you. Please, if you’re leaving tomorrow, give me this piece of you to hold on to.”

When Jace finally makes it back, its to find out that Alexa and her family have moved. Jace goes to see Alexa’s best friend to try to find out where Alexa is, but she tells him off for hurting Alexa and not contacting her and than slams the door in his face.

Alexa is heartbroken when she doesn’t hear from Jace, but life goes on. She meets Ty at a baseball game, falls in love and marries him. While Jace was her first love and she will never forget him she’s actually happy until Ty is tragically taken away from her. After Ty dies she just can’t seem to move forward until Brady (you will end up loving Brady, he is AWESOME) walks into her life.

Jace keeps track of Alexa through social media and while it devastates him to learn that she is married, he refuses to contact her and just wants her to be happy.

Jace’s ten-year reunion is coming up and it just so happens that Alexa will be there. Even though it’s been 10 years they still have explosive feelings for each other and decide to give a relationship a try.

“Do you know how many times I’ve thought about doing this for the last ten years? Do you know how much it’s killed me not to have you? To know that someone else had his hands on you? I can’t hold it in much longer, Alexa. I need to touch you. I need to taste you. I need you, more than you could ever imagine.”

The secondary characters…Brady, Sierra, Jeremy, Ava, and Knox (who is getting his own story) are simply wonderful. Jace and Alex are blessed to have so wonderful friends and family.

This book has some awesome quotes, some wonderful characters, some laugh out loud moments, some cry your heart out moments, some HOT sex scenes, but most of all it’s a believable second chance story.

Reviewed by Carolyn for Cocktails and Books