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Ocelot of Trouble

Ocelot of Trouble - Zenina Masters 3.5 Stars

I was amused and endeared to Mina because of status as a walking disaster. I enjoyed that she came from such a tight knit community that they all got together to send her to Crossroads to try and help her find her perfect mate.

Robar meets Mina when he ends up wearing not one but two of her drinks, and later when they meet in their animal forms they hit it off. Every time they meet in their human forms some sort of disaster happens to Robar just by being in her presence. It was interesting to see them work to overcome her curse and work together to actually be together.

I enjoy the Crossroads aspect because it’s a moment out of time where love can just exist without the issues of being different animal species when shifted or family issues coming into play. I also enjoyed that the author allowed a glimpse of how things will go in the real human world. It gave a bit of reality to the story that I enjoyed.

Reviewed by Sheri for Cocktails and Books