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Good Faith

Good Faith - Liz Crowe This is another one of those books where I don't think my review could ever do the book itself justice. It was that flipping good. Liz Crowe have us a little bit of everything with this book, leaving me an emotional mess when I finally got to the last page.

Good Faith is a journey through the lives of the couples that we've met through the Stewart Realty series. We get a glimpse into their lives as couples, but more importantly we follow their children from their pre-teens through to adult their adult years.

Brandis Gordon, Gabriel and Blair Frietag and Lillian Grace Anderson are grow up together. Fight together and learn the true value of friendship and love. Their circle isn't an easy one to follow, but Liz Crowe does a fabulous job of portraying the peaks and valleys of relationships. The four has some incredible highs and lows, but it seemed they were always there for each other, even when they didn't like one another.

I enjoyed all the characters, but Brandis was one that I still think about. Brandis was a character that ran you through the gamut of emotions. But even when he was bad and you wanted to shake him, he'd say or do something and I'd be ready to forgive him. I could sympathize with Blair with the way she always took him back, because I knew I would. Brandis was very complex and had issues, but he was a good person who needed to get a wake up call to straighten out. The one he got was harsh and terribly heartbreaking, but it was what he needed in the end.

This is definitely a book I highly recommend you pick up (You don't need to have read the Stewart Realty series). Liz Crowe created something very special with this story and it is one, despite being a mess when it was over, that I will definitely be re-reading again.