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Unexpectedly Yours

Unexpectedly Yours - Jeannie Moon Unexpectedly Yours: A Forever Love Story by Jeannie Moon tells the unlikely story of Caroline Rossi love affair with her older sister’s brother-in-law Josh Campbell. When Caroline and Josh run into each other in a Manhattan bar she is just happy he is there to get her out of an uncomfortable situation. Having always had a crush on him, awkward Caroline feels like he is out of her league, but she is surprised and thrilled that an innocent run-in can lead to a night of passion. Their continued contact through work means the friends with benefits relationship can go on, but is an affair enough to sustain a life-long relationship?

The one thing that really struck me about this story was the level of family involvement ith the character’s lives. Although Caroline is one the first to admit she is inexperienced and a bit naive, this is reinforced constantly by her mother and sister. Their continued involvement in her life is so overwhelming that it detracts from the story of the two main characters, and her family has nothing on Josh’s parents. Caroline is so painfully naive and innocent your heart can not help but connect with her. You will find yourself wanting her to be successful and get what she wants out of life, because it is painfully obvious she hasn’t gotten what she wanted in the past. Her insecurity is also one that will frustrate and befuddle you at times. Josh is a gem, and one who Caroline is lucky to find. His unwavering patience in the midst of her insecurity and problems at work only enhance his likability. These two old friends are destined for greatness, and you can’t help but get swept in on their journey.

Reviewed by Lucy for Cocktails and Books