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Bad Kitty

Bad Kitty - Eliza Gayle 4.5 Stars

Bad Kitty starts off after events in a connected story called Kane, but I honestly don’t think having read Kane is a requirement to enjoy Bad Kitty. Kitty has lost everything, and she’s just ready to settle into her house in neutral zone to lick her wounds when she’s ambushed and runs for her life, right into wolf territory.

It was definitely a fast start followed by lots of action and a healthy dose of attitude and sarcasm that I enjoyed. Rafe Comyn saves her from a less than savory end with some out of control wolves, and then finds himself arguing with his wolf side when it tries to mate Kitty, a Cougar shifter. It’s the ultimate battle of cat and dog, and watching these two fight it out and fall was interesting. They definitely have a chemistry that propels their mating forward.

Rafe and Kitty are both strong characters, both Alphas and learning to submit and compromise is hard for them both. I really felt for Kitty with snippets from her past that were revealed, and the way she used them to just survive, I really appreciated the way that Rafe made it a point to say her past is past, and he loves the current imperfect but perfect for him Kitty.

I highly recommend this story, once I started I couldn’t put it down. There is a hint of what may be next in the series at the end and I look forward to the next story. Ms. Gayle does a good job portraying both the animal and human sides of a shifter duality and has shifter romance down to a fine art.

Reviewed by Sheri for Cocktails and Books