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Pretending She's His

Pretending She's His - Kelsie Leverich PRETENDING SHE'S HIS brings together to commitment shy people, Eva and Trevor, at the wedding of their best friend, Meagan.

Trevor and Eva were people who did relationships. They hooked up with whoever, but that whoever always knew what the score was. So when one of Eva's ex's gives her the vibe that he wants to rekindle what they had, Trevor comes up with the idea of pretending they're together.

I was shocked with the direction this one went, but I was almost sure Eva was going to end up with Luke. So imagine my surprise when manwhorish Trevor steps up and pretty much lays down the gauntlet with Eva. He's always been attracted to her and had tried in the past to get her into his bed, but there was something about that setting that had both Trevor and Eva throwing caution to the wind.

Trevor and Eva clicked and it's kind of surprising that they hadn't noticed before. But sometimes the veil needs to be lifted before you realize what you want the most is right in front of your face. They were very hot together and I wished theirs had been a full length story so we could see what a long term relationship between these two would look like...especially with them stationed at different bases.

A fun, quick read. If you enjoy Kelsie's Hard to Love series, this is not one to miss.