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Fighting For You

Fighting For You - Sydney Landon Opposites truly do attract in Fighting for You, the latest Danvers novel by Sydney Landon. It features Declan and Ella, who seem to be the complete opposite of each other. She was raised in a strictly religious home, with limited freedom and a strained family relationship, while Declan and his siblings are really tight-knit. Ella is sweet and innocent, while Declan is emotionally scarred from his time in the military, and deems himself too hardened for Ella. Not to be deterred, Ella sets out on a path to seduce her reluctant man in order to prove that she is not as innocent as she first appears.

Ella is tired of people believing she does not know what is best for her, first her parents and now Declan. Her tenacity is admirable, and her bubbly personality will win over anyone, including reluctant Declan. One can’t help but feel sorry for Declan, because despite his relationship with his siblings he has had a hard life, made harder following his stint in the military. He only wants what’s best for Ella, and is determined he is not, so you can’t help but admire his willingness to put what he believes is best for her over his own selfish needs. Ella seems to be the perfect match from him, providing strength when he needs it most and helping Declan through surprises from his past that seem to develop unexpectedly. Continuing along the same theme of the other Danvers novels, Fighting for You features the two main characters, as well as a strong supporting cast of family as well as friends, many of which were featured in previous novels. Although it does help to know who is who with regard to the secondary characters, it is not necessary to have read the previous novels. Fighting for You is a beautifully written story of a reluctant prince and his modern day Cinderella that will leave you waiting for the next novel in the series.

Reviewed by Lucy for Cocktails and Books