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Trent and Trey

Trent and Trey - Harper Jewel 2.5 Stars

Cassie St. Cloud is starting over, hoping to forget the events that led her to a new name and a life in Texas. She decides a new haircut and a tattoo by one of the Buchanan brothers would be a perfect way to move forward. She's heard the rumors about Trey and Trent, she just didn't expect to fall for them.

This was a very short read (80 or so pages), so a lot was crammed into those pages. The main focus of the story was Cassie, Trent and Trey. They are immediately all drawn to each other and quickly move into a menage relationship. I realize, with a novella things have to move fast, but I really wish there was a bit more development of the relationship between the three. You can't go from getting a tattoo, sharing a lunch, having a threesome in a meadow to being in a full blown relationship in a matter of days (or really hours). Trent and Trey were notorious for not having anything long term, so it would have been nice to really get inside their heads to see why Cassie when no one else would do.

Then there was Cassie. She had a pretty harsh upbringing and then was traumatized by someone close to her father. I needed more insight into why, despite what she suffered at the hands of her father's man Vinny, she was so willing to let that all go with the Buchanan's, even after her trauma poked it's head up.

This was a really quick read, but I felt like I was missing an emotional connection between the characters and even myself. I expected intensity, given how quickly everything fell together, but it just felt flat to me.