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Polished - Alyssa Turner Let's give up a round of applause to a very intense and gifted author Ms. Alyssa Turner. My goodness her book Polished is just that polished, gleaming, eye-popping and welcomed heart warming love story that made me cheer. This book and the manner in which Ms.Turner develops her latest book encapsulates the read. I could not find one aspect of Polished that I did not appreciate. Ms. Turner's writing style is easy to fall in step with and march to the beat of her dynamic drum. The characters Spencer, Rory and Jack are incredible, loving, compassionate and endearing people I would love to have as members of my inner circle of friends. All of the story elements are terrific, well thought out, intriguing and holds enough moments of “oh my goodness”; “I hope”... “I wonder”...

Polished is an erotic read featuring M/F/M relationship and the sensuality, high carnal with sexual freedom that makes the book a must read. Often scenes between Spencer, Rory and Jack were too hot to handle. If you enjoy erotic romances with a warm and compassionate rapid fire intimacies and emotions then I think you will devour Polished in one sitting. The acts of eroticism rocks and it gets to the point where the entire room feels as though it will burst into an inferno.
The dynamic between the characters is fascinating. Rory is so realistic there were times I saw small segments of myself in her. The consciousness of always wanting to please, making others happy and fulfilled reflects the deepest core of being a caring, loving woman.

Spencer is a man after my heart and loves Rory but at times is conflicted with his inner-self and how to deal with his troubling feelings. His acceptance of who is his and who he wants to be keeps the reader on the edge. Spencer is sensitive and passionate and a jewel of a lover.

Jack is an creative component in the chemistry that sparkles wick on the bomb that blows the cover off my e-reader, my heart and grannie panties :-) Jack has his own dragons to slay in order to be all he can be. Jack's pain is a small piece of how he responds to various parts of his life. His past impact how and when he becomes true to himself. His connection among Rory and Spencer seems to pushes the connection as that odd piece of the puzzle that appear as though it won't fall easily into place albeit that it makes perfect sense.

Ms. Turner has a fabulous writing talent and it feels as though she is inspired by love spirits channeling the energies of erotic passion from beyond our planet. Polished a gem of a sizzler of an erotica fantasyland that hold many uniques fragments that blends and erupts into the fireball of all things sexy and loving. Polished is a great read and I highly recommend you put down the dust cloth, kick back and allow Polished to swipe out the cobwebs left behind by average erotic romances.

Reviewed by Rhonda for Cocktails and Books