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Red Hill

Red Hill - Jamie McGuire Wow! Talk about something different!!!

Zombie (or shufflers, teds, infected, etc) are the thing lately, so I thought I try this one. It's very different from what I would normally read, but there was just something about it that I liked. it's not a touchy, feely story that will leaving you feeling good at the end. It's dark, gritty and at times a little frightening. But what kind of post apocalyptic story wouldn't be these things?

We get several different character perspectives in this story, all starting from a very different place on the day the world "ended". Through their eyes we get to see just how the world changed, what they had to go through to find their "safe place" and what they lost as the epidemic started by one man changed their lives forever.

This definitely won't be for everyone, but if you enjoyed World War Z this is one you'd probably want to pick up.