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Jace  - T.A. Grey I absolutely loved the story. I loved how Jace and Mara first met, instant chemistry. Mara’s quick-witted banter almost makes Jace forget the fact that she crashed into the back of his truck. The story gets more interesting when Jace finds out what Mara does for a living…a sex toy operator. My curiosity was piqued as well!

Mara’s past has caught up with her and she needs Jace’s bodyguard services. Mara’s abusive ex-boyfriend has tracked her down and wants her back. The chemistry between Jace and Mara heat up the closer they become, but an altercation at a bar has Mara rethinking Jace’s advances. She’s already had one abusive boyfriend, she doesn’t want a repeat.

Jace tries to show Mara that he is not like her ex by sharing his abusive childhood with her. While Mara feels bad for what he went through, she just isn’t sure if it’s enough to convince her Jace is different. With her crazy ex’s actions escalating, Mara has to decide whether to trust Jace with her protection…and with her heart.

There is nothing about this book I didn’t like. It was funny, had explosive sex scenes, and equally interesting secondary characters. This is a great, quick read for anyone curious about T.A. Grey’s books.

Reviewed by Elizabeth for Cocktails and Books