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Levi's Ultimatum

Levi's Ultimatum - Eliza Gayle The second installment in Eliza Gayle’s Purgatory Masters series Levi’s Ultimatum was a strong continuation of the story line from the first with it revolving around the very endearing Levi Hawkins. He easily made me melt with his attention and care for Hannah, the heroine Tori Ford’s daughter. Something about this strong man who has a past full of secrets but still takes time to color with a child just screamed perfect guy to me.

Tori is a great character because she’s a great mom. Watching her do whatever she needs for her child made her a very real character to me, and then watching her give up that control to Levi made her even stronger in my eyes. She has her own secrets and how they play out really added to the story.

There are so many secrets and little threads that I highly recommend reading the first book for full enjoyment. Ms. Gayle is excellent at keeping all those threads going and giving an amazing story of both intrigue and lustful romance. The descriptions in this story were so good that I found myself craving the delicious pies Tori made.

With more of a BDSM aspect that goes deeper than the first, this is definitely a hot BDSM novel that I will be keeping on my keeper shelf and going back to enjoy again and again.

Reviewed by Sheri for Cocktails and Books