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The Silken Edge

The Silken Edge - Laci Paige The book Silken Edge penned by Laci Paige has just that a silky edge to the mysterious and criminal activities woven so smoothly by a masterful writer.

Silken Edge has a fine adult mindset on sexuality and sensuality and depicted with such flare and sizzle. Nothing can compare to the warmth and moisture Ms. Paige ignites through the few hundred pages of Silken Edge. The characters are neatly yet in some instances edgy, the action and resolution of Silken Edge are described in the best tone and vision to keep the reader plastered to the book and relating to the characters personalities and life circumstances.

Jake a sexy hunk of masculinity, somewhat gentle spirit is someone I would be delighted to have dancing around in my life bringing confidence and charm. He is perceptive and this intuitiveness makes for a superior trainer. He knows just how far to push. Although his pressure brings a bit of searing painful laced with a smoothness of pleasure.

Kristy soon discovers his skills as he becomes an important part of her daily routine and new lifestyle after her break up. The magnetic and pure electrifying chemistry between them can not be ignored by Kristy for very long.

Jake has many elements in sensuality and intimacies that Kristy has not fully experienced. Having someone with Jake's skills to guid her through another alternative of self-awareness is breath-taking.

I found myself consumed with Silken Edge as Ms. Paige takes me through a loving romantic story, yet steamy erotic river of emotions and realities. Ms. Paige has the perfect balance of human emotion curiosity and eroticism that makes this book a home run. Ms. Paige puts to rest the guilt society has p imposed upon the older woman younger man romance intimate relationship. As one of my best friends and a singer makes it clear that age is nothing but a number. Life is too damn short to resist the irresistible. Silken Edge is a wonderful love story with many of elements to satisfy the hunger that has been shoved to the back of the closet. Silken Edge encourages me to allow my cougar to run naked spirituality and naughtily through the rest of my life.

Reviewed by Rhonda for Cocktails and Books