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Take Me

Take Me - T.A. Grey T.A. Grey is fast becoming one of my favorite authors! Her books are meticulously detailed and her characters are well-developed. I wondered if this book would wow me like her previous books I’ve read, and I was not disappointed!

I love the ill-fated story between Dominic and Felicity. When they first meet, their instant connection is explosive, until Dominic, Dom for short, realizes he has mistaken her for his betrothed. As the two work to try and ignore what’s between them, the flames are constantly fanned by Dom’s insistence that Felicity is his. However, he needs a blue-blooded mate to help him secure his electoral hopes and Felicity’s blood just isn’t enough.

Felicity struggles through most of the book for loving a man who belongs to someone else. She is thoroughly disgusted when Dom proposes the brilliant idea of becoming his mistress. As she struggles to remember that Dom is off limits, she constantly weakens at his touch. Is there a way for Dom and Felicity to be together on their terms?

I really enjoyed this book. So many obstacles kept getting in the way of Dom and Felicity’s love and I had to force myself not to skip to the end to find out if they really were able to have their HEA. Did it happen? You’ll have to read for yourself to find out! I enjoyed reading about the secondary characters, especially all of Dom’s brothers. Each brother introduced had his own demons and I am hoping they will be featured in future books so we can find out more. A great start to a promising series!

Reviewed by Elizabeth for Cocktails and Books