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Feel the Rush

Feel the Rush - Kelsie Leverich Holy crap! I loved this book. This was my first Kelsie Leverich book and I absolutely adored it. She created a great cast of characters set to a military backdrop that was fun, incredibly sexy and at times an emotional challenge to read.

Meagan Mitchell follows her best friend when she's stationed at a new base down south. She's looking for a change and hopes the change of scenery might be what she needs to find Mr. Right What she didn't realize was on her first night in her new home she was going to come face to face with one of the men that broke her heart.

Reed Porter, Captain of an Army Parajumper unit, has always been a bit of a thrill seeker. If an activity gives him an adrenaline rush, he's all for it. So when he meets his new neighbor, there is something about her that makes him feel the way he does when he jumps out of a plane. But Reed has lived by a strict code since the death of his brother and he's not willing to bend his rules, even for Meagan and all the things she makes him feel.

I loved the way Meagan and Reed interacted with each other. They were fun, they wisecracked and they were smoking hot with each other. Each of them had their own set of issues standing in the way of them finding their happily ever after, but there was something both of them couldn't deny and it was how much they wanted the other despite their pasts.

I look forward to reading more from Kelsie, including going back and reading THE VALENTINE ARRANGEMENT. She definitely creates stories that pull you and and leave you feeling very satisfied at the end.