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Blind Acceptance

Blind Acceptance - Missy Martine When David and Eric Windriver find a beautiful blind woman lost in the woods it is the beginning of an adventure that leads to intrigue, attempted murder, revealing of their shifter nature and finding a mate for the pair.

David and Eric are both shifters and were adopted from an orphanage at a young age by the Wind Rivers and accepted into that wolf pack, however David isn't a wolf shifter like Eric and his adoptive parents he is a Kodiak bear. They have been called home to Wyoming because of some missing shifters.

Laynee has been blind her whole life, when her mother passes away when she is a child her father packs her off to a special boarding school for the blind that is until he shows up shortly after her 21st birthday claiming it is time she come home and take her place in the family, but first they are going to go camping.

Blind Acceptance the only book so far by Missy Martine about the Wind River Pack. Being the first I was surprised and the number of seeming back stories that had no real explanation. I have to assume these stories connect prior series to this one. What it does however to someone that reads this as the first book by this author is confuse them and leave them with a lot of unanswered questions.

The main story about David, Eric and Laynee is pretty standard paranormal meets human mate fair. It was a cute story and had some steamy moments including a menage mating. The secondary plot about her father and her money is also good but standard not a whole lot to make it stand out as exemplary.

Reviewed by Carin for Cocktails and Books