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Great-Aunt Sophia's Lessons for Bombshells

Great-Aunt Sophia's Lessons for Bombshells - Lisa Cach Who wouldn't want to be thought of as a bombshell?! Well, in the beginning of this story Grace doesn't. She is a women's studies major and believes that women need to be valued for their intelligence and other qualities beyond their looks.

Fortunately, her great aunt Sophia was a bombshell in her time (and continues to be like no octogenarian I've ever met) and Grace gets to spend the whole summer with her--in her glorious mansion at Pebble Beach no less. Sophia has the best of intentions in trying to help Grace improve her appearance. Sophia also teaches Grace (and the readers) that being a TRUE bombshell takes more than good looks. By the end of the story, I think Grace sees that looking your best and using feminine wiles actually make a woman stronger and takes a lot of intelligence.

Without giving too much away, Sophia gives Grace many incentives for becoming a bombshell. She even provides access to two men for her to practice her bombshell skills on. Should Grace pursue Sophia's doctor, Andrew? He is intelligent, caring, safe and seems to appreciate Grace's women's studies background...but then there's Declan. He is everything Dr. Andrew is not and helps release Grace's inner-bombshell!

I liked this book. I appreciated Sophia--I love old movies and all the glamor that surrounded them and the stars. I love stories about transformations and Grace undergoes a big one. I loved Declan too! I don't know if I were Grace who I would've chosen in the end, but I'd like to think I had the guts to choose him over Dr. Andrew! Indulge yourself and read it!

Reviewed by Joelle for Cocktails and Books.