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Mutual Release

Mutual Release - Liz Crowe Starting out with high school senior Evan Adams whose family life is anything but normal. Dad isn't around much and mom seems to care about everything else instead of her family. Evan experiments with BDSM, and we see his darker side through this discovery and transformation.

Enter Julie. Her life is just as bad as Evan's. Her mother is more interested in marrying a rich man than caring for her. Julie is assaulted by her step-dad and this transforms her future.

Julie and Evan meet and the sparks start to fly. Both are damaged, independent, stubborn, and huge control freaks.

This book was a roller coaster of emotional ups and downs to read. It was very hard to put down. I will be looking for more of Liz Crowe's books to read.

Reviewed by Becky for Cocktails and Books