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Possession - Jennifer Lyon I thought I was burned out on the concept of the trilogy, and then along came Jennifer Lyon and Possession and I’m once again in love. Seriously the story is so good, I found myself looking to see how much I had left going both I need to know what happens and at the same time freaking out because I knew I wasn’t going to get my happily ever after yet. This is the second book, and I definitely recommend reading the first, and I know I’ll be clamoring to download the last story as soon as it releases.

There is something about Kat, she’s such a strong character heroine and so well fleshed out, that I’m cheering for her to kick some ass. She’s amazing, and Ms. Lyon does such a great job building this character that I can love and want to trade places with, or at least be best friends with.

Sloane, is plain sexy, add in his troubled past and the complex life that created the man he is today, and he’s a very well fleshed out character. Watching him fall in love and reevaluate what’s truly important out of life because of Kat and her love is an amazing experience.

The scenes between Kat and Sloan are explosive, there is no doubt that their chemistry is off the charts. They are two characters who are meant to be together, and it’s especially evident with the way they help each other grow and become better and stronger people.

There is a cast of secondary characters in this story that is superb. They add to the story and enhance Kat and Sloan’s world. I highly recommend this series, if you don’t like cliffhangers wait until the third is out and read them all in one sitting. I will say that I don’t think I lost anything by reading as they came out, and I would gladly wait and read these again even knowing that I have to wait for the happily ever after. They are just that good.

Reviewed by Sheri for Cocktails and Books