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This Love

This Love - Nazarea Andrews I loved this book. I only wish when I was in college the professor were young and hot, like Atticus. But I digress.

The relationship between Avery and Atticus was supposed to be simple. She was his assistant and did whatever she needed to do to help him with his research. But the attraction was there. The fought it, but I think we all knew going in that was a battle they were going to lose. But as these two fell into a relationship they had both set an expiration date to, it was fun to follow them and see how neither of them wanted the expiration date and needed more. But it was also heartbreaking to see that one of them wasn't willing to give up everything they worked for in order to be together (I don't want to spoil this, so that's all you'll get).

It was obvious, both of them had relationship issues. Avery had been dumped by her fiance, at the alter, at a very young age. It left her devastated and not willing to put herself in that kind of position again. For Atticus, he had great hope that his relationship with his high school sweetheart would last but had it come crumbling down around him and he wasn't to give his heart away. But when they were together, it was as if all those insecurities and doubts they had before melted away. It was only when they were either alone or allowed outside influences in that they started to doubt themselves and one another, in terms of their relationship.

While we got a happily ever after for Avery and Atticus, I would really like to know what the responses were in the envelopes that were opened in the epilogue and just how Avery and Atticus deal with that moving forward.

This was a great book. It was fun, flirty, sexy, hot and (at times) heartbreaking. It was a pleasure to read and one that I highly recommend, because everyone has to meet Professor Atticus Grimes.