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Kissing Fire

Kissing Fire - A.M. Hargrove This was one of those books that made me tear up a time or two.

Avery Middleton left Charleston for Seattle hoping to get a fresh start away from her domineering mother and maybe reconnect with her brother. But what she finds is Preston Mitchell, undercover DEA Agent, and the sudden need to hide from some very creepy guys from a Mexican drug cartel. She didn't expect to find everything she was looking for in the broken man who's trying to keep her safe.

I liked Avery and I like Preston. I liked them together. He helped her get over her body image issues while she helped him realize that he wasn't as tainted as he thought he was. He made mistakes, which forced Avery to run, but he made up for those mistakes in grand style and proved his love for Avery.

This was a short read that was entertaining and cute. The characters were engaging and there was some lighter moments, especially when Melissa the sumo wrestling neighbor was around.