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Down and Dirty

Down and Dirty - Christine  Bell This book is a continuation in the Dare Me series. I started it first and got a little confused at the mention of things that happened in Down for the Count,so for me I had to read it first. I would recommend reading them in order. It's Galen and Lacey's story.

Down and Dirty is Cat and Shane's story. Cat is determined to stay single and uninhibited by love and romance. She is an ambitious young woman who is ready for adventure all the time. She loves to take risks, and never backs down. But she has one flaw, she is terrified of loosing herself, to someone else's life and plans.

Shane is Galen's best friend during high school. Shane took over the job of being Cat's bodyguard and protector after her brother, Galen, went off to college. One night things went a little to far between Cat and Shane. He backed off after remembering his promise to her brother. After high school Shane left Rhode Island for work, and now he is ready to return home to see if Cat has grown up enough to handle a serious relationship.
There is romance,drama and lots of hot sexy scenes. definitely a great quick read.

Reviewed by Becky for Cocktails and Books