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Voodoo for Two: A Cajun Magic Novel

Voodoo for Two: A Cajun Magic Novel - Elle James Another fun romance by Elle James, this book introduces us to Lucie, a head strong girl who is determined to help save her grandmother’s house. Desperate to help, she casts a love spell to try and snag a rich man. Her plan seems fool proof, until her old love, Ben, comes back in to town. Ben is a sexy police officer who has a storied past with Lucie. When he crosses paths with her again, he ends up in the middle of her mess, and must work to keep her safe.

The books that Elle James writes are SO MUCH FUN. I love the setting in the bayou, I love the chemistry she creates between the characters, and I love the mystery she weaves in to every story. I cannot wait to find out what she has in store next for this awesome series.

Reviewed by Marie for Cocktails and Books