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Famously Engaged

Famously Engaged - Robyn  Thomas I had high hopes for this book. A rock star with an agenda and a chef trying to pick up the pieces, I figured it was the perfect mix. Unfortunately, it feel a bit flat for me.

Jake Olson, will stop at nothing to ensure that his sister's wedding is perfect, even fake an engagement to the groom's ex-wife. But the woman he thought was a home wrecker turns out to be anything but and the one woman that Jake's willing to break his bands pact for.

Beth and Jake had such potential. They both see each other for who they really are, not as a rock star or a down on her luck chef trying to pull it together. They had fun with each other, despite how they came together, and truly made the other happy. Something neither of them had been in a long time. But their romance felt like it lacked the chemistry you knew was lurking just waiting to come out.

The secondary characters could have made the difference, but it felt like they just didn't have enough "face time" to help bring the story along. There was so much that could have happened with Jake's relationship with his sister coming out or even Beth's ex-husband, but it felt like we rushed passed all that to quickly get to Jake and Beth getting to their HEA.

A quick read, that was entertaining but fell a bit short for me.