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Immortal Eclipse

Immortal Eclipse - Sherry Soule I wasn't sure what I was going to get when I started this book. The premise, a fashion photographer going to California to figure out just what happened with her uncle that resulted in his death, I thought it was going to be interested. There were so many different directions this could take and I was interested in seeing where the author took the story. But the more I read it, the more I started envisioning a certain TV show on the CW.

Skylar Blackwell may hear weird noises or sense certain things, but she never believed her grandmother's explanation of have a sixth sense. That is until she visit the Summerwind estate she inherits from her uncle. Once there, she's face to face with cold spot, unexplained black moths, seeing girls in windows who aren't there...not to mention the strange staff at the house. But the more she learns about the estate the more she knows something very strange is going on at Summerwind. She's bound to get to the bottom of everything, especially since she's convinced it had something to do with her uncle's death.

I liked Skylar. She was quirky and she had an inner monologue the was like a cross between Stephanie Plum and Cat (from the Night Huntress series). I got the impression that she wanted to interject some levity into the story, but there were times where that just fell short. The fashionista part of her could have really made story stand out, especially not wanting to get her precious Manolo Blahniks dirty, but that too didn't really play into the story as much as I thought it would. But Skylar had a big heart and it was easy to overlook those short falls when she was trying to befriend the workers in her house or when she was Dorian trying to figure him out. In the end she was a girl who was just trying to find someone who was going to love her and stick around. And that is shat saved the story for me.

It was a quick read with a heroine that was enjoyable and, in my opinion, made the story.