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Tempting Acquisitions

Tempting Acquisitions - Addison Fox Tempting acquisitions iss an excellent contemporary romance. it has all the right elements in just the right amounts to satisfy the cravings of romance lovers like me.

Keira McBride is a very intelligent and independent lady. She and her two sisters have turned their grandfather's fledgning media enterprise, McBride Media, around in record time. This is no thanks to their father who would rather chase skirts than profit. Just as things are looking rosy, Nathan Cooper, corporate raider arrives on the scene with plans to take over McBride Media. What he doesn't anticipate are the fireworks that fly when he sees Keira McBride in action. I loved this part. The author did an awesome job of describing how Nathan was not only supportive of Keira's business acumen but he admired her for her intellect, skill, poise, and drive. Nathan is a man that enjoys seeing his woman perform well in her chosen career and he's not afriad to let her know it. This fuels Keira's desires and opens her heart to him.

Keira and Nathan come together in a series of sizzling hot sex scenes. They have wonderful chemistry, and the author writes of their emotions so vividly that I felt them myself. All of us have our lives shaped whether for better or worse with or without intention by our parents and family histories. The author easily demonstrated how insecurities and errors made by Keira and Nathan were rooted in their attempts to avoid being like their parents. Unfortunatley as is often the case the more you try not to be that person the more you actually act like them. Thankfully Nathan and Keira have siblings that refuse to allow them to lose their chance at love.

Tempting Acquisitions was a quick, easy read with plenty of chemistry and well-written dialogue to keep your interest. I enjoyed reading this book, and I look forward to reading more of her books. I'm betting there will be a book 2 that involves Nathan's brother and Keira's sister.