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Hard to Hold On To: A Hard Ink Novella

Hard to Hold On To: A Hard Ink Novella - Laura Kaye Let me start with I’ve loved the last two Hard Ink novels by Laura Kaye, and my only complaint with this one, is that it’s a novella and not a novel. This one picks up right after the second book, and I mean right after. Easy is carrying Jenna inside to get looked at after her kidnapping, and she doesn’t seem to be able to breathe without his presence, and she keeps his demons at bay.

Now that helps with the believability of these two falling in love because they both need each other, I do worry a small bit if a relationship can last under those circumstances with two damaged characters leaning on each other. I’m going to say that through the power of great fiction writing, I’m going to believe in them and their future.

It’s fast paced, and while they do get physical, it doesn’t feel like that’s all they have, it feels like they were two soul mates who found themselves together at the right time in the right place. Ms. Kaye really touched me with Easy and his struggles, and she really got to me further with her note at the end. This book isn’t just a love story, it draws attention to a really serious problem in our country with our returning soldiers. I will recommend this to all my friends, it’s set up that even if you haven’t read the previous books you can fall in love with Easy and Jenna, and get enough of a grasp of the situation to understand what is going on as a standalone.

I look forward to more Hard Ink from Ms. Kaye, and I hope that includes glimpses and updates on how Easy is doing.

Reviewed by Sheri for Cocktails and Books