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Happenstance 2

Happenstance 2 - Jamie McGuire Thank you Jamie McGuire for giving me visions of Sissy Spacek in the prom scene from Carrie.

I loved this installment in the Happenstance series. We got to see how Erin struggled with how much her life had changed, especially her parents being so willing to give her everything when Gina was the exact opposite. Then there was Weston. He had been Alder's boyfriend and now he was with her, and she wasn't always comfortable with how close he was with her parents and the information they shared.

Alder's journals gave us the turning point in this story and has me anxiously wanting the last book in this novella series. With Carrie references and secrets revealed on why Alder and Sonny turned on Erin, I'm hoping that whatever happens with Weston and Erin, they get the HEA they're both hoping for.