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Under a Dom's Care (Extreme Book 2)

Under a Dom's Care (Extreme Book 2) - Sam Crescent Under a Dom’s Care is the second book in the Extreme series by Sam Crescent. This book is part of a series and is best read as part of the series rather than as a standalone novel. Some characters found in the first book are present in this book.

Jake is a Dom at Extreme who has been assigned to watch the dance floor after he messed up. He is not allowed to play with any sub at the club as part of his punishment. (how this builds trust with his fellow dom’s is beyond my understanding) Jake is a very stubborn man.

Isabella or Bella as she is known is a librarian and a virgin. She lives a quiet life and has not real want to change it. When it gets out to her friends that she is virgin, they hound her to change it. Bella does not tell Jake she is a virgin so her first time is not great.

The connection between Jake and Bella is intense. Jake is attracted to Bella at first sight. His inner character shins through after finding out that Bella was a virgin makes Jake want to make up for her disastrous first time. The sex scenes (after the first one) were hot. I loved how Jake did not rush Bella.

I found this book well written with a stimulating plot. The main characters and the secondary characters were charming. The ending was a bit predictable but I enjoyed seeing Jake and Isabella come together. Overall, this was a splendid book. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

Reviewed by Victoria for Cocktails and Books