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Girls Only: The Complete Series

Girls Only: The Complete Series - Selena Kitt As collections go this wasn’t entirely a bad one. As with most anthologies and collections, you are bound to enjoy some more than others. In this case, there were a handful that were very good, just as there are some that did not set the right cord with me. Overall a good read. Steamy and very sensual, this is the kind of book you start once you’ve got your glass of wine, the lights dimmed low and you know you have nowhere you have to go and no interruptions for a long while.

Would I recommend it to friends? Yes, I believe I would. It was exactly what it promised, a collection of FF shorts. However, I do not believe I would read it again myself. Unlike many others by Kitt, I found myself unable to really connect with any of the characters on any level. So although I found the stories to be an enjoyable read, I wasn’t impressed. I didn’t feel it met the expectations set by previous Selena Kitt books I had read.

If you’re looking for a few quick, steamy stories, you’ll enjoy this. However, don’t expect any Happily Ever Afters or romance. If that is your pleasure, you’d be wise to pass this one over. This collection is purely sexual with not even a hint of a romantic inclination by any of the characters.

Reviewed by Iris for Cocktails and Books