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Encore! - Jamie Salisbury Mary Stewart lives a quiet life in London where she can pursue the things she loves most photography and music. Daniel Kennedy is a world famous violin virtuoso and he and Mary knew each other years ago when they both attended Julliard. They meet again when Daniel asks Mary to take some pictures of him for his upcoming CD and while they work together, they discover there’s a lot of chemistry between them.

Jamie Salisbury writes a captivating, well written story that drew me in from the first page with strong, well developed and interesting characters. Daniel is larger than life, he has it all fame, fortune, looks and a gift that few people ever have. Mary is a strong individual and I admire the way she handles her famous family, especially her mother, but as her relationship develops with Daniel, she seems to lose herself as she becomes immersed in Daniel’s world. Daniel and Mary have a lot of things to deal with including his all consuming career and the fame that goes with it and also there are Mary’s secrets she’s afraid to share.

This is a novella and it’s the first book in the Encore series. It gives the reader a taste of what to expect as this series continues and we learn more about Daniel and Mary’s story. The rest of the Tudor family is also included in the story, so you can also catch up with Mary’s three famous brothers who were featured in the Tudor Dynasty series. Can’t wait for the next installment to find out what will happen next.

Reviewed by Karen for Cocktails and Books