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Deep Surrendering: Episode 6

Deep Surrendering: Episode 6 - Chelsea M. Cameron With this installment in the DEEP SURRENDERING story, we find Marisol spending a lot of time contemplating just what is up with the very elusive Fin and worrying that something is seriously wrong with her mother.

Normally, I would love it when a character starts contemplating their relationship, whether it be with a lover or their family. But it seemed as if Marisol was looking for the bad. What was Fin hiding? What are my parents hiding? We know there is more to Fin, so instead of trying to figure out if he's hiding something, work to learn the man...even if he's a continent away. As for her parents, it's obvious they are hiding something. She witnessed her mother and could tell something was wrong. Instead of trying to use different tactics to figure out what's going on...ask.

This wasn't my favorite of the series, because there wasn't a lot of Fin. But with the ending to this episode I'm looking forward to Marisol's reaction to Fin being on the other side of the door.