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Hard Knox

Hard Knox - Nicole  Williams There hasn't been a Nicole Williams hero that I've met that I haven't loved. Knox Jagger is no exception. The bad boy with the incredibly squishy center was the perfect hero in this book and the clear case of never judging a book by it's cover.

Charlie and Knox have a rough start to their relationship...mainly Charlie was a bit stubborn and didn't like Knox thinking he could waltz in protect her. When Knox ends up saving her at a party she was working, she discovers there's so much more to Knox and he was someone she was willing to break all her rules for.

I loved the chemistry between Knox and Charlie. You knew, when Charlie agreed to let Knox help her investigate the use of date rape drugs on campus, that neither of them was going to be able to stick to their friends only rule. Knox slowly let Charlie discover the man he really is. The man who was riddled with guilt over his part in his sister's tragic ending and his determination to bring justice to her. And when push came to shove and Charlie had to prove she believed in who Knox was, despite what might be put in front of her face, she discovered she had a lot of faith in him.

I always enjoy Nicole Williams books. They're always full of angst, emotion, and a few smiles here and there. HARD KNOX was no different and it was an absolute dream to read and left me wanting more from our friends at Sinclair University.