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Vanilla Cream

Vanilla Cream - E.A. Reynolds Vanilla Cream is the third book in the Interracial Heat series by E. A. Reynolds. While this book is part of a series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone novel with ease.

Colvin Rush is a detective in the local police department. He is kept busy with his work. He keeps his private life separate from his work life. No one in his work life has any idea Colvin is gay but he does not seem to be hiding it. He just does not address it with his coworkers. Colvin is a Dom who cares for those he is around.

Caeden Croft is a submissive and his path crosses the Colvin when Colvin is looking for the killer of a close friend of Caeden. Caeden had a rough childhood and has become a strong man who has a handle on his life. He operates the family business, which will become his in a short amount of time.

The connection between Caeden and Colvin is blistering. They make a great match together. I enjoyed seeing how they had trouble keeping their hands to themselves. The sex scenes were explosive.

I found this book well written with a very authentic plot. Ms. Reynolds does a great job of balancing the romance and the suspense. The main and secondary characters were exciting and tempting. The ending was somewhat predicable but it is more the journey to the end that this story is all about. Overall, this was a fascinating book.

Reviewed by Victoria for Cocktails and Books